A shout-out to a friend of mine, don’t want to use his name because I did not ask permission, and not everybody wants things like recovery and hardship to be broadcast. We talked a bit about how life prepares us and tests us (call it life, the universe, God, or all of the above). We’re not always prepared, and we don’t always pass the tests. And in that, as I believe, therein lies the genius of the plan. When we don’t pass the tests, do not let that be an excuse to give in or self destruct. Failures are the greatest of teachers, they are inevitable, and since the day we tried to talk or walk, we have learned to overcome them as an inevitable part in life. My friend just went into full go recovery last year, while facing monumental business and personal challenges. Shortly after turning onto this new road called recovery, he suffered a very tough car accident, shattering a few bones. Not long after, he lost his dad, then his mom. Not even a year had gone by while being on this new road.

Let me tell you, this is the definition of strength – mental strength, physical strength, spiritual strength, strength of character and more. All he had to do was give in, and use the pain and hurt as an excuse to turn to substance, and not too many folks would blame him. He did the opposite, he did not take the broad and easy path, he carved his own path, and he is still doing it, he is kicking ass, he is taking names, he is inspiring and I am a proud friend. For those still struggling, keep pushing forward, like Rocky said – it’s not how hard you can hit, it’s how hard you can get hit, how much you can take while still moving forward. Stay strong, #makeyourownpath