On a documentary about intelligence and social behavior of pets, they did an experiment with a pair of sibling parrots. They trained them to hand over tokens in exchange for food. Then, they were put in separate cages with a small hole linking the two. The parrots would pass tokens outward to their human to get food. However, one of the siblings had their tokens taken away, and their food hatch sealed off. Seeing this, the parrot with the tokens passed some over through a small hole to the one who had none to spend, and thus they were both able to eat.

Then when the situation was flipped, then the second bird did the same. The study also showed that the more tokens they would give, the more they would receive. They believe the most sharing happens between the birds with the strongest bonds, hence siblings. However, what does sibling, friend, brother, fellow warrior, family, loved one and other words mean? They’re just words, what matters most is the strength of the connection between them. My wish for the world, for the sake of humanity’s survival, learn from the birds.

It’s not complicated to see someone in need and help them. We take no tokens with us into whatever afterlife awaits, but I truly believe we take with us positive energy, from those who charge our hearts and souls throughout this magical, chaotic and beautiful thing we call life.