Humility is essential, and in fact crucial.

Your average person, regardless of how distracted they are from daytime TV drama, can smell folks who are not genuine when they are right there with them. On TV however, you’re dealing with a manufactured presence. But in person, you’ve got the genuine article, the subject stands before you and you can hear them breathing.

That being said, what does that say about our minds? The fact that some “personality” is now before us, therefore we must praise that personality? I call bullshit.

We are all personalities, we are all superstars in our own mind. If we see someone outside of that realm, does that suddenly mean we are lesser? Abso-fucking-lutely not.

We all have purpose, we all have strength, we all have intelligence enough to separate the BS from the truth. However, just because we are all born with such traits or skills, does not mean we all use them at their fullest.

To be, or not to be, to be a puppet or not to be a puppet. To be weak, or to not be weak. To be rageful, angry, destructive, relentless – or to not be such. In the end, it truly is up to you, and nobody else, period.